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3 Things to Do Before You Hit Submit on an Application

3 Things to Do Before You Hit Submit on an Application

You finally did it! You've filled out the entire application of your desired position to the T. You're feeling good, you're sitting back, and your finger hovers over your mouse, ready to press submit. STOP! Just one second before you do what can't be undone. These are...

Public Speaking for the Introvert – Things to Consider

Public Speaking for the Introvert – Things to Consider

Public speaking is tough in itself, but when you are an introvert, the toughness level reaches a whole new level. Unfortunately, and ironically fortunately, it is unavoidable. Especially when a job you desire is at stake. Introverts have the ability to dive deep in...

5 Financial Aid Tips for Parents (from a Parent)

5 Financial Aid Tips for Parents (from a Parent)

Putting your kid through college is one of the most financially stressful responsibilities a parent has throughout parenthood. The good news is there are many resources available to help alleviate some of this stress. Vandna Wendy Bhagat, Director of Awareness and...

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